Wounded Tweets, Sleepless Creativity: Crying Laughters

*17 images originally posted in this post on 9th Sep 2015 were deleted, the Tweets reproduced sound critically bitter. Now, to balance my recipe, I have mixed a sweet and sour elements of my digital photography…

بیان کر دیں جو ٹوٹے ہوۓ دل کی حالت
یقین جانیے الفاظ کی رگیں پھٹ جایئں

The English translation of above Urdu verse is,  ‘Description of the shattered broken heart, when narrated, in fairness… believe me, the words would explode into splinters of its veins’ .

‘Sometimes, I shutdown and don’t talk to anyone, its nothing personal’ 


‘Look at life through a windshield, and not through rear mirror’

My vintage manual print film photography.

I was wondering why I failed to fill the tummy of my empty blog for so long. Frankly, I was on mute and shutdown mode. Thinking of topics and subjects, I realized either I am ahead of existing time frame or I am worthless lazy individual. 

Being citizen of third world country, the culture and environment that surrounds me remains in a status Quo state. Some of the kind readers of my blog have shown interest in my disoriented writings. Their number is a few, but that has once again made me to believe to use my keyboard again. Don’t worry, I am not going to write anything new but shall reproduce some of my tweets with a hope they may be answered.

Don’t grieve, anything you lose comes around in another form. Allow me to say rather confess, the light enters the places where one is wounded.

When there is ruin, chance is there for treasure. 






The most powerful weapon in the world is human soul on fire.

To be continued… later.

Enjoy the joy…

Part XV

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