Wounded Autograph

If success is not permanent, same is true of failure

Running around for a purpose finding success without having to touch value of success is almost a failure.

The world is talking about the blog temperament. I’ve no experience, ability and talent to start one. I almost, trust you to help me build one.

During this journey switch places with me every now and then, I being the author, you being the reader and critic.

Mainly, my vintage camera print photography, without filter, flash and tripod shall be put to your judgement off and on.

My already published tweets, articles and letters and other published material will also be shared.
My straw bale construction techniques, basically, inspired by existing construction that is going on for 100 of years, particularly is the west, will be displayed also.

To qualify for the test of competition during life span, a failure has been my safest option for which I did not study like a brilliant student … remain with me.

5 thoughts on “Wounded Autograph”

  1. Dear Sir,

    Assalam-o-Alaikum! I hope you will be fine and healthy. I am waiting for something new. I am missing your company, meal, tea, biscuits, and Tikki also. I wish you best of Luck :-)

    Mushtaque Asghar

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