Topper, Back Benchers and Successful Failures

دنیا نے تیری یاد سے بیگانہ کر دیا
تجھ سے بھی دلفریب ہیں گم روزگار کے

The English translation of above verse is: ‘world has deprived me of your remembrance, as such very miserable are the crisis of earning and employment’.

The hand of little employment hath the daintier sense. – Shakespeare.


My vintage print film camera exposure.

After attaining the age of puberty, other than physical alterations, a stage comes when the person as a subject sooner or later will get married. The whole vicious cycle goes round and round; children are produced and eventually they will also undergo matrimonial rituals. Nothing new about this phase. In this part of the world definition of ‘Youth’ somehow starts from the pubic hair growth and remains until an employment or a job is successfully secured.

Statically, youth age can be roughly defined from sixteen to thirty five in this country. At thirty five Steve Jobs, Churchill, Gandhi and Bill Gates were more than billionaires. Never mind the age bracket of youth, all I am describing is a trauma that is still quite existing. I went to a government funded school in Lahore, nonetheless, produced famous people but not celebrities. Achieving high grades has always been important. The desire, aptitude and choice of a student has no influence what ultimately student qualifies for. I failed in Math’s but secured substantial creative abilities. A friend of mine from junior school excelled in sports but became an accountant. This is categorized as human resource going to dogs. Even after seventy years of our independence we perhaps have not gone beyond ‘puberty’ in governance policies. The system stands in way of our youth.


Those who sit in gallery rattle their jewelry, people sitting in cheaper seats clap; those youth getting top grades are made to choose medicine, engineering or MBAs. Virtue, value and knowledge is compromised by so called wishes of parents and family. Old ways won’t open new doors.

Top graders start earning the livelihood and tend to remain in stresses and self conflict. In addition, this class remains most afraid throughout until retirement. They are controlled by people who perform lesser in their grades and became administrators. The former class lacks courage and wouldn’t face any challenges, thus, are just pawns in the hands of the administrators, their now or never dream shatters.

There is another class, call it the third class. This class is long behind in the queue of showing any mentionable academic performance not even visibly smart in their educational institutions, ironically become politicians. These ‘wise men’ become ministers and are powerful people to control the two classes who performed much better in their schools.

 Very ordinary people, I don’t want to use word failures, are the most successful in this rat race. This segment usually are the underworld mafias and are the real men who matter. Evidently,  dear friends, I am not privileged enough to have become part of this ‘elite’ but no regrets.


Hard work won’t kill you but why take a risk. Frankly, I hardly worked and was not hard working either. Think of those who went the grind and were milled to the point of being milked, were those toppers and became the back benchers of community in the end. All those lazy, small and irresponsible needed no education at the first place. One doesn’t have to attend Harvard or MIT to figure out this very visible irony in existence. This last class shout slogans to lift the nation up and promise to provide us bed of roses. Draw your own conclusions. I am not anti-social but may be I am anti-bullshit, deliberately I am not mentioning what education is offered to start with. All the talent, if any is buried in the sand or they are building sand castles.

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. – Eleanor Roosevelt

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