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یہ دولت بھی لے لو یہ شہرت بھی لے لو
بھلے چھین لو مجھسے میری جوانی

Never get too busy making living that you forget to make a life.


‘Penniless’ – My digital photography

Making calls from mobile phone is very convenient. Do you also recall, sometimes, booking a long distance call from that black Siemens rotary telephone sets. Waiting many hours and the call was finally  through, just for two or three minutes. Before the time was up, the operator gave warning to say concluding words. The voice quality was incredibly inferior not to mention the heavy billing. Now since the cellular technology is part of every household, wish you respect and value the technology and your mobile phones.

Recently, I have started doubting the charges of my mobile calls. My friend’s son, working in mobile network company revealed the so called secret of such companies over charging few pennies or cents randomly after few calls. I have no serious objections on this overcharging as it is impossible to trace and prove such thefts and breach of consumers’ trust. Same pattern is a usual practice in ATM card operation, which is very difficult to establish. Since I have hardly any money in the bank, therefore, my ATM usage is near to zero. But people who hold the status of nearly rich people can find out the difference in their accumulated withdraws if they are really interested.

The word ‘scam’ may sound little harsh particularly when digital technology is overriding our traditional old school life styles. It is not Astronomy or Astrology controlling this world or universe but the big global corporations and banks. I have heard in nut shell, American president is ultimately elected through the powerful financial indications of these banks. Whether true or false, at least, I can only raise my eye brows on this. Certainly being non communist, I am part of this capitalist culture, indirectly

For last few months, my wifi broadband internet is so slow and inconsistent, I almost daily register a complaint to the provider company. Obviously, I am not naming it but readers living in Pakistan must have guessed the probable name. Six months ago a massive hype was created from telecommunication system and operation was upgraded from copper to fibber optics. I have observed, spending few million dollars on this up gradation the end user suffered more and more. From telecom provider company to end user, there are few multinational contractors play their part, actively.

The irony is there is a parallel private company which buys bandwidth from the public sector provider company and supplies excellent, uninterrupted and premium broadband services to end users. It is hard to logically understand this inefficiency of the seller company providing inferior services. Are they promoting, unofficially, being prime vendors the financial gain and interest of the purchaser company? This weird analysis is weird and valid at the same time. Weird because on the face of it the public sector company laughs at this unassuming deduction of mine and valid because no end consumer pays any solid attention to this dishonesty, seriously. However, I am in the possibility to be revenged and victimised if the harsh hands of my wifi provider public company reads this story. If you don’t find any further story in my blog for coming weeks, come to my rescue.

In the end, public health sector scams cannot be ignored or over looked. For example, in almost all public sector hospitals the approved medicines are tendered and supplied when the medical superintendents and federal and provisional health secretaries greased all over by the multinational and national pharmaceutical companies whose profit goes into billions of dollars. Imagine the plight of end user of these medicines, the patients.

I am sure you all had enjoyed the Christmas season holidays and like me you also, now, hate Mondays. Happy New Year.

A lack of boundaries invite a lack of respect.

Enjoy the joy…

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