On 25th December, Holidays – Eid, and Circus of Neglect

نہ تو زمین کے لئے  ہے نہ آسمان کے لئے 
تیرا وجود ہے بس صرف داستان کے لئے 


My cell phone picture on 24th December 2015 ( yesterday ) 

The English translation of above verse is: …you are not made for this earth, nor you belong to the skies, you are left to exist and survive only in stories…


‘We rise by lifting others’

In my school days, we witnessed the circus of changing weekly holiday from Friday to Sunday repeatedly. Friday because we are Muslims and the Jummah prayers is mandatory. And time of this prayer congregation is averaged at 1 p.m Friday, presently, Sunday is a weekly holiday. This logic did not sustain for long term policy and the nation was confused as were the political leaders. This is a complicated and sensitive issue; I pray the fundamentalists may not read this.

Since today is Christmas day, first of all Merry Christmas to all my Christen friends and to the whole Christen community. I have heard my ancestors, who migrated from Amritsar India and Srinagar Jammu India; they celebrated each others’ religious celebrations like one family. Consider me equally a part of Christmas celebrations even though I am Muslim. This day consists the birth day of our father of the nation Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Nonetheless, we have lost to avail another day off if the latter date was different.


Talking of holidays, we have them in abundance. Half working day on Friday and Saturday Sunday is closed for work. Talking of work, Mr Nawaz Sharif being Prime Minister in mid 90s predicted we would become Asian tigers: ironically his party’s symbol is Lion and not a tiger. Many common public hardly differentiate the difference.  Back to work potential. Even when there are no holidays the culture in offices particularly government departments is almost as, it’s a joy ride fun. Everyone is calling for a cup of tea after every five minutes and rest is pretended in mutual casual and carefree chatter box habits.


Our religious festival Eid comes twice a year. Before first Eid that is Eid-ul-Fitar, the month of Holy Ramadan commences for one month. In this month of fasting, the work is usually is slow and offices tend to close at noon. To be very honest, the Eid brings ten days of average holidays. Rejoining after these holidays is pure ‘hangover’. Then the second Eid follows ( Eid-ul-Azha ), when Hajj is performed in Saudi Arabia. Few holidays for Hajj and another almost fifteen days for the second Eid. Then Muharram a very sombre and rather sad month of mourning arrives, this also contains holidays. The list goes on and on. Let me mention 14th August our Independence day, 6th September the defence day for our nation and 9th November birthday of our national poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal.


Please rejoice the occasion of Christmas, I am, therefore, abruptly ending this blogs story to let you focus and enjoy the Christmas. But before ‘signing out’ kindly pay attention to picture pasted above and below. The Christen in this country, generally, may only get Christmas day as holiday,and the class in question might get one day off in whole year against influx of repeated holidays all year for others. Hypocrisy and duplicity ruthless prejudice and bias is so crushing. It is beyond my sense of reasoning if the constitutional rights of equality and existence of human rights for minorities here are only found either in speeches or in papers.  These pictures were shot yesterday that is 24th of December in Islamabad (the capital of Pakistan). I am num with a seizure of shame and embarrassment. Here, I can’t fix problems I can only fix my thinking and problem fix themselves. Merry Christmas again.

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If God brings you to it, He will take you through it. – Bible

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