If You See Something, Say Something – Fitness, Fries and Fish

مچھلی کا بچا
انڈے سے نکلا
پانی میں پھسلا
ابّو نے پکڑا
بھییا نے کاٹا
مما نے پکایا
سب نے مل کے کھایا
بڑا مزہ آیا

The translation of above urdu poetry is : … baby off spring of fish took birth from an egg, my Papa caught it, my big brother dressed it, my mom cooked it, we all ate it and we loved the feast…

A fishing rod was a stick with a hook at the one end and a fool at the other. – Samuel Johnson

All images below have been taken by my cellphone.



‘ It’s a boy’ , the nurse announced the final decision which came out from a long session of a c section operation in the maternity operation theatre. The large grin and glowing face of the father became so visible he almost forgot to ask how was his wife. This was his first child after many years of waiting and going to doctors for fertilisation help. I wonder how he would have reacted if it was a girl. I was there as the man is closely related to me. Everyone gave usual congratulations to him and from no where a big box of sweets arrived and reluctantly, I despite my non-craving towards sweets stuff, I too consumed some.


After few months of birth, I visited them and found the baby boy was extremely healthy and was rather swollen all around. Mother and particularly grandmother of the child fed him with all sorts of rich and fatty ingredients. Now, the boy is about 10 years and most visibly is overweight. He is a true specimen of a couch potato that hardly says no to anything kept in kitchen for cooking. As the age grows one has to be very careful about one’s eating habits. Diseases do occur and play important role in our body growth but sometimes it becomes unavoidable factor to resist food habits.


Meat creates uric acid, fat brings high bad cholesterol levels, sugar brings diabetes, milk causes gastro related disorders, salt is source of high blood pressure and so on. Best possible solution could be tasty fresh fish. I am eating a lot of fish in this winter and enjoying photographing my fish purchases also. I can’t hide my feelings when a good lot of fish that I buy is photographed. I see it, I say it and I photograph it. The man who sells it, he too shows his happiness selling it to me. The benefits of fish eating are endless provided it is cooked or fried the way you want to eat. One of my friends will eat all fries with fish and hardly any fish though. By the way fish of Lahore in winters is popular all over the world, must try some in your next visit to Lahore.

We have here other fish to fry. – Rabelais, Works

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Enjoy the joy…

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