Dictator, Technology, Hazards, Substitute and Idiots ( part – 4 )

حیرت ہے تعلیم و ترقی میں ہے پیچھے
جس قوم کا آغاز اقرا سے ہوا تھا

The translation of above Urdu verses: it is so outrageous to watch, extremely ignorant in knowledge and virtue is the civilization who originated with the word READ…

There is a big story in the media, look for the story they are trying to distract you from.

My digital exposure

You spend first two years of their life teaching them to walk them and talk. Then you spend next 16 years telling them to sit down and shut-up. I also was considering myself very unfortunate when I was about two and a half feet tall and could not reach light switches as the elders did it very conveniently. Politicians and diapers have one thing in common; they both should be changed regularly and for the same reasons.

In Pakistan, they have been changed over frequently. When we got independence, the wars of power and greed influx had us inviting for military dictators to gift us promises and assurances of glorious future. This roller coaster journey is not unusual in third world. Immediately I am reminded of Gaddafi in Libya who ruled for 41 years and actually gifted many mega reforms against our dictators who brought one man show miseries.

I am very uncertain how current discussion has disassociated itself so widely to establish a link between technologies and dictators. However, strange but that is how I intend to describe this post. One more thing, news was fixed at 7 PM for English and 9 PM in Urdu which still is relatively constant in all TV channels.

The day of joy arrived and we received a color television, so did ‘love hate’ arrangement: love as our life style was upgraded at par with elite of Lahore and hate because I had lesser time allowed to watch television due to my superior commitments demanded for my studies. I stole few ideas learning English from the movies resulting my passing through English subject exams conveniently but on the contrary showing terrible scores in Maths. Whether glass is half full or half empty, I miss the point glass is always fragile and so venerable was my personality. This was the period when I first attempted to masturbate, this experiment so successful that I did it more than all the standard limits physically allowed; I watched my first colored pornography on 8 mm projector owned by my father which I without permissions stealthily took it to my friends house.

Surround yourself with assets, not liabilities.

To be continued…

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