Dictator, Technology, Hazards, Substitute and Idiots ( part-2 )

حیرت ہے تعلیم و ترقی میں ہے پیچھے
جس قوم کا آغاز اقرا سے ہوا تھا

The translation of above Urdu verses: it is so outrageous to watch, extremely ignorant in knowledge and virtue is the civilization who originated with the word READ…

Digital exposure by Tariq Rana

You have to be odd to become number one.

Only few countable privileged and rich arranged to receive the ‘idiot box’. Only Phillips electronic corporation had sole rights for distribution of 23 inches television sets in Pakistan. Who knew this new arrival would give birth to endless ‘couch potatoes’ that eventually would risk lives of thousands if not millions giving way into hypertension and heart diseases.

I was counting days when my father would makeup is mind to place an order for a television, I repeat OUR television set. Mind you, it was only black and white. He ordered one and there came the blessing in shape of a monster that understandably resulted as a curse.

Before owning one, I manufactured a fake antenna made of bamboo and sticks with a hanging black wire and placed it on the roof so on lookers assumed we also had purchased the prettiest invention. Thankfully, my initiative was not condemned by any member of my family. I assumed the purchase of our television set impossible until it was done.

The transmission started with long display of the television station logo, and then some religious programs and then, kids’ cartoons were scheduled. We as children were only allowed to watch cartoons and later were time for our homework. This limitation was never adhered and followed by me; I cheated to watch English movies aired in prime time.

All the servants and some people of neighborhood used to regularly come to view the masterpiece. No regrets until I realized I wasted precious time watching screwed up presentations. Of course, there was hardly any other entertainment available at least for young growing kids at that time. It was a rare facility that became a common disease.

It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.

To be continued…

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