Dictator, Technology, Hazards, Substitute and Idiots ( part-1 )

حیرت ہے تعلیم و ترقی میں ہے پیچھے
جس قوم کا آغاز اقرا سے ہوا تھا

The translation of above Urdu verses: it is so outrageous to watch, extremely ignorant in knowledge and virtue is the civilization who originated with the word READ…

Technology is a queer thing. it brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in  the back with the other.    Carrie Snow

Humanity is aquaring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.   R. Buckminster Fuller

Exposure by Tariq Rana

Long sizzling hot summer is now, ultimately over. Very important to mention here, only for last month I had used my old feeble window air conditioner. Mainly, for two reasons, first, fear of the AC knocking down and getting it repaired being out of my financial reach. Secondly, the kind of inflated bills sent here by power company is so unjustified it becomes quite absurd for me to show courage and effort to face it.

This much for the change of the weather. When it comes to change of weather, let’s paint the change of technology, political systems (governments), and change of over all state of personal moods. I may sound weird but most certainly I cannot ignore even the slight improvement that my smart phone has delivered in my life style upgradation.

Too late to keep up with current sudden changes in cellular technology, I remain a little self contained using my so called smart phone. It was not too long ago when I had about five dolor’s US, phone that remained my most loyal and trust worthy companion.

It was Ayub Khan’s regime in 1964, the self proclaimed Field Marshal who was of course a dictator. In discussing technology, obviously he has no legitimate place in this write up. He deserved this mention mainly to explain you the period that I am mentioning was about more than fifty years ago and was led by a dictator. That period yet had not encountered with the ‘glorious’ invasion of a box called Television or Idiot Box.

But quite sooner, it was 1965 and the transmission activity through test services was launched in Lahore, Pakistan and we all were so thrilled to hallucinate the TV. The whole Lahore became TV eccentric republic. My parents could not afford the new life style accessory despite both were bread earning people – father and mother were medical doctors. Rod antennas erected on top of roofs clipped by cable coming to the rooms where almost square black boxes were installed.

To be continued…


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