Width Of Life Is More Important Than Length Of Life

بادشاہت کا اعتبار ہے کیا،
احتیاطاََ فقیر رہتا ہوں۔

English translation of above verse is: ‘Royalty can not be trusted for long, I remain in tatters all my life, therefore .’

People are like stained-glass windows, they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed ONLY if there is a light from within – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

The world is still missing the man who was a teacher and a mentor. This man was dominating, then, in the only television channel and the only broadcasting set up in Pakistan.

Mohammad Idrees, Ravian from Government College Lahore suddenly passed away. Finest commentator, TV Host and above all a thorough gentleman. I wrote a humble tribute which was published on 4th Jan, 1989 in Muslim, daily Islamabad is presented below . Please remember him with a smile and kind laurels.

Be a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud. 


Enjoy the joy …….                                 Part XII

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Tremors, Cuban Cigars, and Prefab Pouring

تجوریاں بھرتے ہیں لوگ عمر بھر کے لئے،
موت کا فرشتہ رشوت نہیں لیتا۔

English translation of above verse is: ‘People inflate their bank lockers and wealth, the angel of death does not accept any gratification.’

Nature is not governed, except by obeying her  – Bacon

Earthquake - Image Credits goes to Google
Earthquake – Image Credits : Google

Almost all the ducks became hysterical started yelling, jumping around with panic movements. My dog, three of them, gave silly calls that I hate to hear in ordinary times. Water in my handmade pond made waves without any noticeable reasons. It was definitely an earthquake that was felt in the entire region, I was witness to it, if not the victim. It was 7.9.

First thing, that came across my mind was whether the the old decaying house where I was living would withstand this might show off force from nature. It did stood the test of tough quake, may be the materials used 45 years ago were solid, pure and not filled with impurities of public buildings contractor.

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Wanderers Without Home, a Stranger – Magnificent Misery

میں ستارہ تھا تیری آنکھوں کا،
ماں مجھے دیکھ اب میں کہاں ہوں

‘Standing alone is better than standing with people who hurt you’

Picture by Tariq A. Rana - Owner and Author of This Blog & Post
Picture by Tariq A. Rana – Owner and Author of This Blog & Post

The strong young man was received by his uncle at Karachi airport. His baggage was 35 Kg excess, the penalty was waved off by the uncle as he was an official in airport security. Coming after rather long period of eighteen months was some home coming. 

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Small people with great acts – And some heroes dying purposeless

اتھے ہر کوئی فرید مسافر ہے
کوئی اج چلیا، کوئی کل چلیا

The English translation of above verse by Khwaja Farīduddīn Mas’ūd Ganjshakar (1173-1266) is:

… Every single soul is a passenger here Farid,
Its matter of time, for today, or later tomorrow …

A Few Accomplishments of General Zia ul Haq, Image Credits: Google
A Few Accomplishments of General Zia ul Haq, Image Credits: Google


Assasination has never changed the history of the world – Disraeli

The commentator of sole television network operational in Pakistan, PTV, was screaming and weeping when covering funeral procession of then the President of Pakistan and Chief of the Army Staff General Zia ul Haq in 1988. 

Whereas, my whole family, including my mother were devastated and shattered as my mother’s real younger brother Major General Mian Abdus Sami (Shaheed) a Sword of Honor from Pakistan Military Academy was killed in the same plane crash that killed Zia ul Haq, uselessly.

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میرا اس شہر عداوت میں بسیرا ہے جہاں،
لوگ سجدوں میں بھی لوگوں کا برا سوچتے ہیں۔

English translation of above Urdu Poetry

Alas, I’m forced to occupy a place, in a town,
Where inhabitants in touching forehead before Lord, keep making ill designs against people…

Mac Book Pro Retina Display

Nothing succeed like success – Dumas, Ange Pitou

Dentist was telling young girl, aged about 5 to chew the food slowly and properly otherwise the stomach shall either generate gas or a pain might develop. This traumatic episode is quite likely to occur eating junk trash food now which has become house hold curse, already. Girl was not showing a any substantial attention to the masterly advice but was staring at the hi tech dentist lamp that was shifting all dimensions.

The amount of pain the pretty quite girl sustained was remarkable, may be the self control might have been playing a role in this, some people are used to bear pain both emotional and physical more than others, cheerfully. Dentist hard work paid and tooth extraction was done without any problems, dentist made the required bill and made few prescriptions further adding fuel over fire, this time for the mother.


Let it hurt. Let it bleed. Let it heal. And let it go.

اب احتساب لازم ہے ان سب کا اے منیر
جس جس نے میرے دیس کو پامال کر دیا


Get them to face the prosecution deemed, and pending long,

all those who injured the base of my country …..

Visiting a hospital to look up one of my relatives was admitted for delivery of her first baby. The male nurse brings routine medication in a tray and a pack of cigarettes in his pocket. The health care in this country is as good as multinational corporation’s global advertising spree.

In parking lot outside and lawns around the hospital half of the crowd waited to see their patients admitted inside and the other half was supporting the first half’s logistics. Out of the second half approximately 90% were busy inhaling the secondary smoke cause by the first half smoking.

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Elvis Presley, Alam Lohar and Ear Rings

تیری دنیا سے ہوکے مجبور چلا
میں بہت دور بہت دور بہت دور چلا

Alam Lohar and Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley and Alam Lohar (Credit: Google)

 I don’t need to photograph you because you never left my mind – Anonymous Author

From the travels of Marco Polo to the sails for discovering new world, Christopher Columbus, both have been my idols not because I heard their names in movies or novels but because  they committed on the direction for their purpose. Continue reading Elvis Presley, Alam Lohar and Ear Rings

Just Breathe Time – Part II

مانا کی تیری دید کے قابل نہیں ہوں
تو میرا شوق دیکھ میرا انتظار دیکھ

 Not of the letter, but of the spirit; for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life – II Corninthians III 6

Further to my ‘Just Breathe Time’ of my previous post in this blog, I am tempted to present you ‘Just Breathe Time – Part II’: The lamp of genius burns quicker than the lamp of life – Schiller

Enjoy the joy …

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Greater vs Long: ‘McDonalds vs Bandplustar’

چاندی کی دیوار نہ توڑی،
پیار بھرا دل توڑ دیا

mcdonalds vs bun.fw

‘Do not use your stomach as a trash can’ – Anonymous

The barber under the shady tree, where flock of birds were showering their grey white droppings regularly on my head and covered head of the barber. Since, I am losing my wisdom hair with mach 5 speed, I get my head shaved since quite a while now. It is emphasized here to clarify why a person like me was getting services of such technician in open air?

When expenditure exceeds the earnings; one has two options, first, rob the nearest bank in broad day light with clear face, second, keep asking money from your family and friends and die in disgrace. I being a lay man try to save some revenue going to a barber who is charging me USD 0.25 per head shave. Thus, providing me the relief which every government in power promises until loses its credibility.

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Mobile Phones, Funerals, and Desperate Diseases

تمھارے ہی ہاتھ میں ہے نبض سکوں شاید
قرار دیتے بھی ہو تو جیسے ادھار دیتے ہو

 Buying cheap mangoes on a congested street the vendor was a telling his small little son count the money when you pay back the balance to a customer. Being a stupid observer I extinguished my cheap imported fake cigarette and took interest in the training session between father and son.

I am sure if luck and social infrastructure favored the son, aged about 8 years, he would establish ‘Wal-Mart’ someday somewhere in Lahore. Mr Nawaz Sharif’s father was not an MBA in marketing but now this gentleman is head of the government and also maintains number 1 position in wealth ranking charts.

I suggest the poor boy might read the biography of Sharif family. Worthy readers, I am not pin pointing the present Prime Minister of Pakistan being the richest and smartest but elaborating the training wisdom of human relations in business is the base to reach the top of the ladder of success, especially with deadly combination of politics and financial family background.

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