Tremors, Cuban Cigars, and Prefab Pouring

تجوریاں بھرتے ہیں لوگ عمر بھر کے لئے،
موت کا فرشتہ رشوت نہیں لیتا۔

English translation of above verse is: ‘People inflate their bank lockers and wealth, the angel of death does not accept any gratification.’

Nature is not governed, except by obeying her  – Bacon

Earthquake - Image Credits goes to Google
Earthquake – Image Credits : Google

Almost all the ducks became hysterical started yelling, jumping around with panic movements. My dog, three of them, gave silly calls that I hate to hear in ordinary times. Water in my handmade pond made waves without any noticeable reasons. It was definitely an earthquake that was felt in the entire region, I was witness to it, if not the victim. It was 7.9.

First thing, that came across my mind was whether the the old decaying house where I was living would withstand this might show off force from nature. It did stood the test of tough quake, may be the materials used 45 years ago were solid, pure and not filled with impurities of public buildings contractor.

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Elvis Presley, Alam Lohar and Ear Rings

تیری دنیا سے ہوکے مجبور چلا
میں بہت دور بہت دور بہت دور چلا

Alam Lohar and Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley and Alam Lohar (Credit: Google)

 I don’t need to photograph you because you never left my mind – Anonymous Author

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