Astronomy, Festivity and Google Maps


کہاں کا دین،کیسا دین ،کیا دین
یہ کیا گڑ بڑ مچائی جا رہی ہے


جان اللیا


The English translation of above verse is, ‘what faith, what religion which faith? Why this turmoil, chaos and disarray … ‘


How dear to this heart are the scenes of my childhood, when fond  recollection presents them to view —Samuel  Woodworth


20150405_162006My digital  exposure in Islamabad, Lok Virsa 

Ali managed to hide his new shoes, in reality, used ones from the second hand roadside seller, kept  under his pillow. It was time to celebrate Eid, Eid ulfitar, that comes once a year after 30 days of fasting, or let’s say one month. All the shopping was almost done, shoes, shirt, socks one pair, his new prayers cap. He was not feeling pain in the seven stitches that he was grafted after cricket ball hit his lips.


Sounds of his mother, almost yelling, wake up, wake up …. It’s sehri time, a time to consuming food and drinks in the darkness of the morning till after sunset meals to break the fast. Ali’s father went to the mosque for the prayers . Ali did not accompany  him in protest as he was not expecting to fast for another additional day. He was mentally not ready for such unscheduled surprises; or may be a shocks for the little man.


I was always provided with new pair of shoes, though , when I was Ali’s age   at such occasions . Nonetheless, certain astronomical mysteries are applied to decide which area of the country  to celebrate Eid. Ali’s uncle in swabi, 50 miles from Peshawar celebrated Eid next day instead of keeping fast. Saudi Arabia dates of Eid are announced in advance every year.


Now, I am, have become  a student of minor Astronomy, call it suffering the undulating fluctuating patterns of moon sittings. The learned  scholars of Islam enjoying remarkable perks and privileges made to trace and find the moon for Eid celebrations. Their verdict is final, regardless of what others are saying elsewhere in the country. It is quite known before and during christmis season products, consumer items and gifts prices are reduced. Whereas, here, not only prices are increased, harshly and ironically, the become short in supply and food items become increasingly adulterated; train yourself to find blessings!


Ali and his sister, her fancy dress and bangles were new, though. Both  celebrated and rejoiced their Eid with doubtful mind for non-availability on Google maps not providing any IT software to let them know a definite day for Eid. Both are now fully equipped to handle and manage Facebook addictive activities.


If you have any solution on this enigma, please help Google maps. Meanwhile, I wish you a very happy Ramadan and subsequently, a very happy Eid Mubarik. If you are not a child anymore, please collect moments and not things.


The worst kind of sad is when you can’t  explain why.

Are we same, or better? It is for you to decide, meanwhile, please read my following published letter in The News, Islamabad on 30th Dec 1998 on related story.




Enjoy the joy…                                                                                      Part XIV 

Charity – Crime : The Correlation, The Relativity


This carry catcher was published for my original printed letter: ‘Crime does pay…’

محفل عشق پے جما رکھا ہے امیروں نے قبضہ

غربت نہ ہوتی تو دل ہمارے پاس بھی کمال کا تھا

The English translation of above verse is :

In the gathering of powerful and rich, they are controlling the reins of the poor,

If I was not so meager, I, too possessed a bountiful heart.

‘Some people are so poor, all they have is money’ – Anonymous


The chared body of a young man was lifted respectfully in an ambulance.  It was a gang crime in which the man was killed point blank. The usual story happening everyday in Karachi.


Why, when, who do this, at least, I can’t tell you, because I do not know. I am not a crime investigator, nor am I a crime reporter. But I am naive  enough to register the misery of dead bodies even  when happening right in front of my eyesight.

The change , that we hear about everyday, every month, every year, every century, every millennium, is no where happening; not in my life time, socially, politically, economically – visibly – not coming.


The ambulance was of Edhi foundation headed by, Mr Abdul Sattar Edhi whose deeds of humanitarian profit free operations are known worldwide. His network is equipped with many helicopters too, earthquake, floods, disasters or street crime killings : Edhi will be there for rescue, recovery, rehabilitation and response.


More about Mr Edhi click Google to see what its all about.


Last year his own staff members broke into his house in a robbery and took away about ruppees 3o millions soley donated for humanitarian charity  work – did crime pay or did we pay any attention to this and heed to who is he doing such acts and why?  

If you like angels, believe in demons too.


My letter on crimes, culture and society is posted below published in ‘ The Nation ‘, Lahore on June 18, 1989 for your reading.

Please let me know that things have changed or not?


Enjoy the joy…                                                 Part XIII





آپکے لئے
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میرا اس شہر عداوت میں بسیرا ہے جہاں،
لوگ سجدوں میں بھی لوگوں کا برا سوچتے ہیں۔

English translation of above Urdu Poetry

Alas, I’m forced to occupy a place, in a town,
Where inhabitants in touching forehead before Lord, keep making ill designs against people…

Mac Book Pro Retina Display

Nothing succeed like success – Dumas, Ange Pitou

Dentist was telling young girl, aged about 5 to chew the food slowly and properly otherwise the stomach shall either generate gas or a pain might develop. This traumatic episode is quite likely to occur eating junk trash food now which has become house hold curse, already. Girl was not showing a any substantial attention to the masterly advice but was staring at the hi tech dentist lamp that was shifting all dimensions.

The amount of pain the pretty quite girl sustained was remarkable, may be the self control might have been playing a role in this, some people are used to bear pain both emotional and physical more than others, cheerfully. Dentist hard work paid and tooth extraction was done without any problems, dentist made the required bill and made few prescriptions further adding fuel over fire, this time for the mother.