Width Of Life Is More Important Than Length Of Life

بادشاہت کا اعتبار ہے کیا،
احتیاطاََ فقیر رہتا ہوں۔

English translation of above verse is: ‘Royalty can not be trusted for long, I remain in tatters all my life, therefore .’

People are like stained-glass windows, they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed ONLY if there is a light from within – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

The world is still missing the man who was a teacher and a mentor. This man was dominating, then, in the only television channel and the only broadcasting set up in Pakistan.

Mohammad Idrees, Ravian from Government College Lahore suddenly passed away. Finest commentator, TV Host and above all a thorough gentleman. I wrote a humble tribute which was published on 4th Jan, 1989 in Muslim, daily Islamabad is presented below . Please remember him with a smile and kind laurels.

Be a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud. 


Enjoy the joy …….                                 Part XII

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Small people with great acts – And some heroes dying purposeless

اتھے ہر کوئی فرید مسافر ہے
کوئی اج چلیا، کوئی کل چلیا

The English translation of above verse by Khwaja Farīduddīn Mas’ūd Ganjshakar (1173-1266) is:

… Every single soul is a passenger here Farid,
Its matter of time, for today, or later tomorrow …

A Few Accomplishments of General Zia ul Haq, Image Credits: Google
A Few Accomplishments of General Zia ul Haq, Image Credits: Google


Assasination has never changed the history of the world – Disraeli

The commentator of sole television network operational in Pakistan, PTV, was screaming and weeping when covering funeral procession of then the President of Pakistan and Chief of the Army Staff General Zia ul Haq in 1988. 

Whereas, my whole family, including my mother were devastated and shattered as my mother’s real younger brother Major General Mian Abdus Sami (Shaheed) a Sword of Honor from Pakistan Military Academy was killed in the same plane crash that killed Zia ul Haq, uselessly.

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میرا اس شہر عداوت میں بسیرا ہے جہاں،
لوگ سجدوں میں بھی لوگوں کا برا سوچتے ہیں۔

English translation of above Urdu Poetry

Alas, I’m forced to occupy a place, in a town,
Where inhabitants in touching forehead before Lord, keep making ill designs against people…

Mac Book Pro Retina Display

Nothing succeed like success – Dumas, Ange Pitou

Dentist was telling young girl, aged about 5 to chew the food slowly and properly otherwise the stomach shall either generate gas or a pain might develop. This traumatic episode is quite likely to occur eating junk trash food now which has become house hold curse, already. Girl was not showing a any substantial attention to the masterly advice but was staring at the hi tech dentist lamp that was shifting all dimensions.

The amount of pain the pretty quite girl sustained was remarkable, may be the self control might have been playing a role in this, some people are used to bear pain both emotional and physical more than others, cheerfully. Dentist hard work paid and tooth extraction was done without any problems, dentist made the required bill and made few prescriptions further adding fuel over fire, this time for the mother.


Let it hurt. Let it bleed. Let it heal. And let it go.

اب احتساب لازم ہے ان سب کا اے منیر
جس جس نے میرے دیس کو پامال کر دیا


Get them to face the prosecution deemed, and pending long,

all those who injured the base of my country …..

Visiting a hospital to look up one of my relatives was admitted for delivery of her first baby. The male nurse brings routine medication in a tray and a pack of cigarettes in his pocket. The health care in this country is as good as multinational corporation’s global advertising spree.

In parking lot outside and lawns around the hospital half of the crowd waited to see their patients admitted inside and the other half was supporting the first half’s logistics. Out of the second half approximately 90% were busy inhaling the secondary smoke cause by the first half smoking.

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The people are the city – Shakespeare

بڑا دلکش بڑا رنگین ہے یہ شہر کہتے ہیں
یہاں پر ہیں ہزاروں گھر گھروں میں لوگ رہتے ہیں
مجھے اس شہر نے گلیوں کا بنجارا بنا ڈالا

a (186)

My vintage manual film camera exposure, without flash, tripod, filters

Category: Building and Architecture

Camera Asahi Pentax Spotmatic
Film black and white
ISO 100
f 16
Speed 250
Lense 50 mm

All rights reserved, sole copy rights with me

Priced 100 US $

Film ‘Planet of the Apes’ has fascinated me not because it showed apes dominating humans but the city and the world which they finally conquered was once a planet of selfish and bloody human conflicts. Remember, film ‘King Kong’ love affair with a sweet girl, that giant ape was ultimately butchered by ruthless humans.

Killing of the King Kong was avenged in the planet of the apes. If I were sitting in the jury, I would give my consent to the race of the apes taking over the cruel world of humans. Please don’t get me wrong. This impression has been building in my mind not after 9/11 but perhaps when I was around 11.

Basically, forced witnessing violence, bloodshed, hatered and mass murder of morals including humans, has made me to migrate to the planet of the apes, momentarily. Alas…. Only Hollywood can provide me one. I am not talking about sub particle theory but simply expressing how disorganized and disoriented our world and cities have become.

Meanwhile, please alert me whether our ancestors and I were not from the apes species. Darwin’s evolution may not apply here because finally destruction of apes and cities can only be scripted separately by Hollywood cum Bollywood.

Imagine if in reality, suddenly the apes actually invade us, that too in cities like Karachi, Lahore or Faisalabad. A very strong possibility cannot be ruled out they either will instantly plant huge jungles as their habitat or they will rent out the buildings back to us and go back to their permanent quarters (i.e. Amazon).

Simply to say, why urban planning has become a non planning almost all over the world? It was easier for us to show all the messed up infrastructure on mammoth drawing boards but practically is Scary nightmare.

Let’s give a chance to apes, who, I trust, shall run and plan town and cities like gentlemen ….

Meanwhile, co relate above piece with the piece below to established why apes are not living in the cities and towns. This letter was published in The Pakistan Times Lahore on 13th December 1987.
Enjoy the joy … Part three ……

Youth Promotion(26-02-1988)

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Governor’s House vs Lahore Zoo

ساجن ساجن پکاروں گلیوں میں
کبھی پھولوں میں ڈھونڈوں کبھی کلیوں میں


In Lahore city, which is proclaimed the heart of Pakistan, a main artery named after some colonial mega personality from British Raj is still a big deal for wanderers coming to Lahore. This road is called ‘The Mall’.

Infrastructures of political nature surround this road. Like the governor’s house, which, in fact, is frankly speaking not a house but an activity and ambitious factory for burning your and my money.

Every governor occasionally invites social workers to witness how difficult it is to enter legacy of British Raj. When I travelled in a public transport bus, in those days, double storey buses, like in London, were pride of Lahore. However, London has carried out world Olympics where as Lahore has held sports shows where several records for Guinness book were profoundly entered. These records cost record embracement and dismay for the city of Lahore and for its rulers, later.

Displaying my fragile brain and head out of breezy window of first floor of this bus, I could see inside the governor’s house. Even after hectic search and scan, which took many minutes, could not find a human inside this landmark.

But the lasting terrifying impression imprinted in my spinal cord about a governor and his house was nothing less than Steven Spielberg Oscar winning movie. If you change nothing, nothing will change; but unfortunately my body’s infrastructure rapidly changed into a rotten pile of standing counterproductive landmark but the purchase power of my wallet demolished. Ironically, some people do ask this question why this road and the governor house has not contributed to increase my edifice.

Folks, Mr Governor and his residence still reminds me of how history sometimes, can be very smart. Governors and I are part of the same society; but remain aloof like Mount Everest and Bay of Bengal.

If Mr Governor, who so ever he is, till the publication of this blog can read this by chance, should tell the audience why a double storey bus cannot be commissioned again so that a nostalgic person like I am can reach into his house by my eyeballs. This human visual search is necessary to observe whether some human is traced doing some productive activity inside the governors house.

As far, the road called The Mall; I still use this as a matter of compulsion and not a choice. Since all roads lead to Rome, and do as the Romans do, or when in Rome become a Roman; if I don’t route through this road I will be not a Lahori. I have just discovered that sometimes, why Google map showing the Mall road Lahore on internet cannot have the technology to display my ‘LIKE’ for the governor house on the screen of smart devices.

By the way, another very pleasing and entertaining place is also located on the same road. It was mandatory for me to visit this place at least, when I either failed or performed badly in my exams in the school. Another breed of social animals are kept here. How distinctly am I different from them, it is for you to judge. This place is Zoo of Lahore.

Kindly, read the following piece before your desktop is forced to shut down because of electricity grid failure.

Enjoy the joy …               Part: II

Published on 17 May 1988, The  Nation, Lahore
My letter published on 17 May 1988, The Nation, Lahore

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Passion holds up the bottom of the universe and genius paints its roof – Chang Ch’ao

Siachen Pakistan
Siachen Pakistan

Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.

Please remember and pray for the departed soul of Capt Iqbal Shaheed Hilal-i-Jur’at. I served with him. Can’t be a better way to salute our brave soldiers on Pakistan Day.

My letter published in Pakistan Times, Lahore dated on 09-Dec-1987
My letter published in Pakistan Times, Lahore dated on 09-Dec-1987

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Image Credits: Google