Be a Voice, Not an Echo

کل نکالے تھے کچھ پرانے خط
پِھر محبت دراز میں رکھ دی

The English translation of above Urdu verse is,  ‘ Letters, stored in a dark closet, when revisited, the relationship of love sealed back. ‘

‘ Old ways won’t open new doors’

r002-080My Digital camera exposure:  ‘Long live the king‘ – One man show backed by all nations in the U.N.

Its September again. Changing seasons and charging energies for world leaders assembling at New York. ZA Bhutto was the one who almost broke windows of the U.N. General Assembly while speaking and tearing its resolutions. The year was 1971. Some leaders charter planes and fill their purses to purchase top brands in NY. Obviously, the money comes from tax payers income. Many Secretary Generals have been changed since then, all symbolic, ineffective and programmed by great powers.

ZA Bhutto was hanged, Shah of Iran deposed, Nixon resigned, Idi Ameen kissed the Queen of England, Rajiv and Benazir assassinated and I am still driving my 20 years old car on lease. Destiny, specially of third world has not changed and so has my fate and fortune. The news of ZA Bhutto dramatic speech arrived in Lahore, Pakistan reached after a 24 hours and now a tweet by Mark Zuckerberg hugging Modi reaches instantly. Friend and readers, I am comparing apples with oranges for a peculiar habit of mine when I am feeling the blow of unequal distribution of wealth.

Folks, how strange are the wings of rich countries… and families. Hardship prepares ordinary people for extra ordinary destiny, for example a boy of 14 in America becomes a celebrity inventing a ‘bomb’ or a clock ; or someone posting a clip of a cat pet taking a bubble bath all by herself everyday. Presently, I am worried about my dying Wi-Fi signals due to non payment of the bill.

Global warming, green house gases, food security, cyber security or even abortion rights may be discussed in the United Nations this year. Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir might be in melting frozen pot. Go away, I have been watching this bullshit for ages including Camp David and fall of East Pakistan.

Accept the bullshit, but never accept it. World diplomacy is a cluttered desk that is a sign of cluttered mind, what is empty desk meant for? More the conflict in regions better improved chances for world leaders and their families gathering at one global point to buy Gucci and Italian shoes. The story of old shoes, however is written in this blog, please go find the value of it that was owned by a small boy. Rhetoric and lofty speeches by mighty world leaders shall be forgotten like a formatted hard disk but words not said by a sad child without a pillow will remain unsung.

Soon this annual season of United Nation General Assembly will end, bringing huge profits for world airlines. As the UNO growing in its non delivering age, the leaders are on the other hand, behaving more immature may be forever. That is the reason more and more people are ignoring its importance. The following tweet is evidence of my losing mind when a small boy is found dead on the shores or poor Muslims slaughtered in Barma. Its time for me to prepare my self for the changing seasons and buy some old warm clothes from some old second hand clothing shop. Therefore, creativity doesn’t sleep.

Tweeting Echoes, Blistering Bullshit – Misleading perception

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